Friday, March 21, 2014

Paper Pregnant

We are six months paper pregnant!  Pregnant mothers typically have nine months to prepare.  Nine months to prepare for a new life to care for, a new member of the family to celebrate, and nine months of joyful planning for their new baby.  Adoptive moms are no different in the planning!  We just don't know exactly what time frame we have to work with.  There's paperwork, meetings, timelines, and approvals.  It can be exhausting.  But there is a lot of waiting and hoping too.  During that time we have tried to keep busy and have FUN getting ready for our baby to arrive.  Most parents say you will never be fully prepared for what parenthood holds.  We are trying! 

We moved into our new house last August.  About a week after we had moved to our new home our attorney's office called with a huge surprise.  While they had originally told us to plan for October to be added to the "active" list, things moved quickly and it was actually August when we were added.  We began slowly but surely preparing our hearts and our home for our sweet little gift from God.

It took me what seemed like FOREVER to settle on colors for the nursery.  I am not really a fan of "themed" nurseries and I knew we would need something gender neutral.  After MUCH debate and pinteresting we decided on navy blue and pale yellow.....and DUCKIES.  I never knew how cute duckies could be!  Now they are all over our house!!  So cute.  We even had an adoption shower in October with everything DUCKS!  

We have attempted to make everything ourselves in the nursery.  From my best friend and I sewing the bedding/curtains and making the welcome wreath to Jeff designing and printing all of the pictures in Photoshop. By the way if you have ever tried sewing baby bedding it is HARD y'all!!!  So here are a few pictures of what we have been working on while we are paper pregnant.   

Here's a peek inside Baby H's drawers.  We have been collecting all kinds of bottles and passies we find on clearance!  We are newbies and still trying to figure out what's best.  What bottles and passies do you think are the best to use??

He or she has more towels and wash cloths than we do!  They are going to be one CLEAN baby!

Jeff and I redesigned the baby's bathroom too!  Of course with rubber ducks.  I almost can not stand the absolute cuteness!!!  Jeff designed these pictures himself.  He is one talented man.


This is going to be one well dressed baby!  

One of my faves

Other than a few minor touches I think everything is ready for Baby H!  Well, unless we are offered  TWINS!!  Now how fun would that be??

Welcome Home Baby H!


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